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B-75 Mack

Since there seems to be so many B model Mack fans in here i decided this would be a good post for someone in search of buying one. A guy that lives right up the road from me, has a rare B-75 Mack single axle wrecker. 673 Thermodyne with a 10 speed duplex. Its in really good shape and seems to run pretty good. He has all the emblems and the horn off as if he had plans to paint it. I checked and the mirrors, emblems, and horn was all there inside the cab. i checked under the hoods and didnt see any leaks and the wiring seems to be in pretty good condition. The wrecker is homemade by the guy that owns it. He told me a price but at the time i dont remember what he told me. If anyone is interested, write a post or e-mail me at . i will give you some info.


Hi Brandon : sounds like the owner took well care of the ole Bulldog . I would imagine it would make somebody a good show/work car .
Your right a B-75 Mack is a rare car . also is a B-77 ( IVE ONLY SEEN 1 OF EACH)
Yall have a goodone.
Macks are like wine they only get better w/ age.
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