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Eaton Fuller transmission Identification question?

Above are two different models of the Fuller FR Series 10-Speed Transmission… Fuller refers to the “C” and “B” at the end of the model number as the “ratio set”.. I am guessing that one is a direct transmission and one is a overdrive model???
I noticed that the Fuller 13 only comes in a “A” ratio set, as seen in the example below.. Why is the 13 speed not offered in different gear sets like the 10 speed models listed above??
Thanks for any help clearing this up.


One other question, what exactly dose the 3rd number stand for?? I know the fist two is the torque capacity x100 and the last two numbers represent the number of forward gears but I cant figure out what the middle number is for like the number 9 in RTLO-16913A
thanks again


R= Road Ranger
T= twin counter shafts
L= low inertia
O= overdrive
16= torq x 100 (1600 ft lbs)
9= gear set
13= foward gears
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